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General Contracting – CTSI provides
Information Technology Infrastructure Support Services
Facility Operations & Maintenance


CTSI’s Construction Division functions as a general contractor, which is organized, staffed and directed to safely provide quality construction products, on time, and within budget to our owner-customers. CTSI has accomplished this objective through an organization designed to succeed in three core zones: administration (to include business development); domestic construction management; and overseas construction management. These efforts are spearheaded by professionals that include leadership-driven Project Managers, Quality Control Managers, Safety Managers, Schedulers, Estimators and Superintendents. In order to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies, CTSI also uses our internal corps of qualified and proven professionals in the field of mechanical, electrical and architectural engineering. Additionally, CTSI provides our valued customers with a peace of mind that the project will be completed on time and within specifications by providing the capability to offer a $20 million performance and payment bond capacity.

General Contracting – CTSI provides:

  • Construction Management
  • Field engineering and site management
  • Change management
  • Shop drawings and material submittal review
  • Safety assurance
  • Quality control
  • Schedule development and control
  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Project accounting
  • Subcontractor management


  • CTSI has internal resources and established architectural and engineering teams to develop, design and construct new buildings and renovate existing facilities.

Information Technology Infrastructure Support Services

Utilizing local, Federal, OEM and industry best practices and standards, CTSI supports the installation, relocation, maintenance and removal of all data and voice communication assets within data centers and end-user facilities. Although cable lengths and types will vary and be defined by the project specifications, our staff of Engineers and Technicians supports the verification, inspection, testing and installation of the following cables:

  • All RG coaxial cables, PVC and Teflon/Plenum and all relevant Connectors
  • All RS-232 cables 2 to 25 Conductors and all relevant Connectors
  • Channel Adapter cables (Bus/Tag) all lengths
  • Token Ring Cables and Connectors (Type 1 and Baluns)
  • Fiber Optic Multimode and Singlemode and all relevant Fiber Connectors
  • All types of Ethernet cables and connectors (Cat-5/Cat5E/Cat6/Cat7)

Facility Operations & Maintenance

CTSI understands that facility operation and maintenance is more than just repairing a leaking pipe or restoring power. CTSI recognizes that it is the people, the systems within which they operate and continued bi-directional communication between CTSI and the client which ensures that the facilities are operating at optimal efficiency and effectiveness. CTSI, therefore, uses a balanced approach by considering client direction, systematic planning (including Annual Work Plans), formal processes, and analysis to deliver proactive, responsive and cooperative facilities O&M services to our valued clients and their respective end-users.

CTSI Facility Operation and Maintenance services include the following:

Project Management

  • Schedule/Cost Control
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Training & Certification


  • HVAC
  • Pumps and Chillers
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Metasys Control Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Utility Systems


  • Low-Voltage
  • High-Voltage
  • UPS
  • VFD
  • Fire Detection Systems


  • Roofs
  • Wall, Doors, Floors and Windows
  • Painting

Elevators and Overhead Doors

  • Repair, Maintenance and Installation

Security/Surveillance Systems

  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Microwave Transmitters/Receivers
  • Card Access Systems
  • Security Alarm Systems

Predictive Testing and Inspection

  • Infrared Thermography
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Lubricant & Wear Particle Analysis
  • Ultrasonic
  • Laser Alignments


  • Five Year and Annual Work Plan
  • Program and Funding Development
  • Facilities Condition-Based Assessment