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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ft. Detrick Community Support Center Renovation

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ft. Detrick Community Support Center Renovation ProjectThis project included renovation, build-out, and cabling of approximately 20,000 square feet of office space. The building, originally built in 1960 as a warehouse, currently houses the Post library, computer learning center, housing office, various enlisted and attached personnel services, and the Post Commissary. All services were maintained during the renovation period.

Exterior work was done to the building and inside an existing second floor space was built-out as offices and classrooms to expand the Center. In support of that expansion, the existing outdoor telephone and data wiring was replaced with a new 650 underground duct bank with 600 pair of telephone wires and four fiber optic cables. The building had existing 300 pair and 200 pair copper cable running overhead for all telephone and most of the networking connectivity. Additionally, there was a 12 strand single-mode fiber optic cable and 24 strand multimode fiber optic cable that came overhead into the building. CTSI installed the duct bank from the street and brought it into the building. We replaced the 500 pair of copper cable with new 600 pair of cable and replaced the fiber optics backbone and installing them underground. The 50,000 feet of CAT6 data and 50,000 feet of Cat6 voice were also brought inside. We terminated to wall receptacles in each of the thirty offices and to a network cabinet in the communication room to connect to the internal plant phone system. The 600 pair went terminated at a lighting protection module and for connection to jumpers to tie new cabinet to existing cabinet to tie the 600 pair to existing lines within the building. CTSI also installed 3 new SC panels where we terminated the fiber optic cables.